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A professional accounting advice allow a clearly and organized accounting management, so that the company knows at all times the status of their accounts and the financial status.

This allow us the proper planning of future projects and monitoring of these projects, because with a proper accounting advise we are able to analyze the data with guarantees, and the study of future investment is simplified and can be performed with greater assurance of success.

Accounting is closely linked to tax law, therefore an accounting advice, should facilitate compliance with tax obligations and tax advisors work.

In  R.Masnou & Associats we are aware of the ongoing legislative changes in tax and accounting issues, forcing companies to seek advice on these services. The consultancy that we carry out is summarized in:

  • Accounting.
  • Definition of cost accounting.
  • Tax settlement.
  • Processing of official books.
  • Development and presentation of accounting books and formalization of the deposit of accounts.
  • Development of balance sheets for financial institutions.
  • Developing books of Tax Record.



Sastre & Masnou

We advise our customers honestly and professionally. For an office the most important is to convey trust, and that comes only from the professionalism, proximity and excellence.

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