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Financial Audit

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The financial audit examines the different financial statements and from them and the economic and financial operations that have been carried out, it is issued a technical and professional opinion that dictates the reasonableness of the financial statements of the company.

The information provided by a correct financial audit is necessary both from an internal and external point of view, and in many cases compulsory.



At the current business juncture, managers need information for making decisions and planning management. With the information obtained from the financial audit the Board may delegate tasks and responsibilities in their team members.

Moreover investors need to know the situation of the company and its results.


The financial situation of a company is increasingly demanded by external entities including suppliers, creditors, banks, governement, potential investors, insurance companies, etc.

R.Masnou & Asscociats through its partners performs the different activities of financial audit:

  • Preparation of  anually required audit reports.
  • Due Diligence, which aims to identify and assess the  assets and the financial position of an entity that is subject of a review in the process of buying and selling companies.
  • Limited reviews.
  • Fraud detection in companies.
  • Judicial expert reports.



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