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Personal Data Protection - LOPD

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Companies are required by the Organic Data Protection Act, known LOPD, to meet certain requirements with regard to the personal data they manage, either directly or through third parties.

This data includes, among others, customers, suppliers, employees, video surveillance, etc.

The main purpose of the Data Protection Act is to ensure informational self-determination, regulating security measures that to be met the information systems  where data are treated.

In case of breaking the law, companies could be subject to fines of different amounts, depending on the case these amounts can be very high. Furthermore you can immobilize the information system, which is more severe than a fine, as it prevents a company develops its normal activity.

 R.Masnou & Associats through our partner MC DATA SAVE, S.L. has the ISACA CISA professionals who can advise on various aspects:

LOPD Adaptation.

Mantenimiento LOPD Maintenance.

Certified Destruction.

LOPD compliance audit.




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